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I am a lifestyle and editoral photographer working with individuals and magazines, including Boston Magazine and The New York Times. I specialize in documenting process -- whether that's the process of laying cement or growing a crop, the process of being a parent or a spouse, or the process of being human in a unique moment or time.

I was born in Southern Oregon and spent my childhood in the forests and rivers of a small town called Ashland. I've always loved nature and the incredible images that come out of being in the woods. In my working career, I've spent years in retail and fashion, curating beauty through clothes and worn objects. I combine my appreciation of natural form with my understanding of commercial retail when I take photographs.

I now live in Maine with my partner.

To me, photography is not a single photo, it's a series of images that show all the angles of a moment. The small details you might not have noticed. The truths hiding in the background. The story that all the images together tell about being human and being seen.

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